Passport York Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have forgotten my Passport York password. How can I obtain it?

    Follow one of the options from

  2. How can I setup my Student Security Questions?

    Visit the student security questions setup page.

  3. I have forgotten my student number. How can I obtain it?

    If you have forgotten your York Student Number you can obtain it in one of the two following ways:

      • Call the Registrar's Office at 416-872-9675 and provide the requested information to obtain your student number.
      • Visit Student Client Services in the Bennett Centre with government-issued photo id (e.g. passport, drivers license, BYID card etc.) to obtain your student number. Here is their web site for hours of operation and location:
  4. Do I need Passport York to order a transcript?

    For information about transcripts, visit:

  5. Note: If you are a York employee as well as a York student you will have two separate Passport York accounts. Student and Employee Passport York accounts have different access privileges.