MyMail setup on Smartphone/Tablet/Mail Reader

Use these general instructions to set up IMAP for your Smartphone:

Note these instructions are for central "mymail" email only.
Incoming Server Settings:

  • IMAP Server:
  • Security type: SSL
  • Server Port: 993

You may also have to enter the following:

  • SSL (Accept all certificates)
  • TLS (Accept all certificates)

For Outgoing Server (SMTP) settings (follow one of the two options below):
Option 1 (York's server settings)

  • SMTP Server:
  • Outgoing mail (SMTP) Port: 587
  • Security type: TLS

Note that in some cases York's server settings may work for you
even if you are using an external ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Option 2 (External Internet Service Provider's server settings)

  • To find your outgoing mail server settings, contact your Internet Service
    Provider (Rogers, Bell, etc.); most ISPs provide them in the Help section
    of their websites. Look for IMAP settings. The important information
    to note is the outgoing server (begins with smtp), outgoing port, and check
    if SSL needs to be turned on etc

Note: We do not officially support Smartphone technology. Please refer to the Smartphone manufacturer for further assistance.