Service Note

Please note that the old central email service,, and IMAP through Thunderbird, Mac Mail etc.
See more information here.

Undergraduate Email

Visit Google Apps At York

Graduate Email

York University is currently in a transition period and is moving our graduate email services from MyMail to Office 365. During this transition, York is centrally supporting both systems. New grads will automatically be provisioned an Office 365 account, and most of the existing grad accounts have been migrated from MyMail to O365. Regardless of the system your account is on, your account may be used for official correspondence and may also be required for some courses.

For more information on how to access your Office 365 account or the email migration, please visit .

If you are a current and active graduate student still using MyMail and wish to move to Outlook, please contact and request a migration.


Students can have a centrally-supported email account, called MyMail. This account may be used for official correspondence and may also be required for some courses. You may forward this email address to a personal email address, but if you do you are responsible for ensuring that you can receive any forwarded messages.

How to get your email:

How long will my email account remain active?

Your Graduate email account ( will remain active and accessible to you until mid-October of the year you graduate or for as long as records reflect you as an active student with the Registrar’s Office. You will be given notice and provided ample time to forward yourself important emails, and make contacts aware of this change.

For more information about computing accounts see lifecycle of computing accounts.

How to change your email password:

    • Log in to Manage My Services with your Passport York, click on change passwords, place a check mark beside electronic mail, enter new password twice and click on change passwords.

Your account quota (total capacity your email account can store at one time):

  • Graduate Students: 1GB

Email Message Size

  • The maximum size for individual email incoming and outgoing messages is 35 MB.

Getting help