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App Store

MyApps MyApps is York University's one-stop portal for students, faculty and staff to remotely access the software they need. With MyApps, you will have access to all the resources you need wherever you go. Please see the following list of available applications on MyApps. MyApps is a free service offered to all students, faculty and […]

eduroam with Windows 10

Click on the wireless icon in the task bar located at the bottom right of your screen Select eduroam from the list of available networks and click Connect Enter your username in the form and your Passport York password where specified and click OK


Annual Total Tickets The total number of service tickets received over a 13 month time frame.   Monthly Incidents and Service Requests The total number of service tickets from year to year.

Handling Unsafe Email Attachments

I was directed to this page by a note in an email sent to me, what is this all about? If you receive a renamed attachment and have been directed to this web page you should assume the attachment contains malicious computer code.┬áBEFORE USING ANY RENAMED ATTACHMENT - CHECK THE FILE FOR VIRUSES WITH UP-TO-DATE […]

File Access Service (FAS)

FAS has dedicated storage allocation to accommodate various academic purposes such as: Share course materials with students Data repository for academic research The service runs on premise, in York University datacenters which are secure, highly availability, reliable and resilient. Service Costs There is no service fee for students to use FAS. Requirements Authentication to the […]