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Office of the CIO

Donald IppercielChief Information Officer Prof. Donald Ipperciel is the University's Chief Information Officer, a position he has held since 2018. He joined York University as Principal of Glendon College in 2014 from the University of Alberta' s Campus Saint-Jean, where he was Professor of Political Philosophy and served in several administrative roles, including Vice-Dean, Associate [...]

Demo Page

This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a demo. This is a […]

Student Computing Site Map

About Computing at York AirYorkPLUS AirYorkPLUS Locations AirYorkPLUS with Android AirYorkPLUS with iOS AirYorkPLUS with Mac OS X AirYorkPLUS with Windows 7 All Software AntiVirus Software Applications Available on MyApps Assignment Submission (Turnitin) Campus Computer Store (Data Integrity) Choose a secure password Computer Labs Computing Policies Computing Services for Students with Disabilities Course Websites Dealing [...]

Classroom Maintenance

As a proactive measure, classroom technology is checked as often as possible. Given that classes are frequently occupying rooms, scheduling for maintenance is the greatest challenge. Since York University is open to the community, equipment may be possibly vandalized or damaged from time to time in which case when reported our staff correct the problem […]

Classroom Equipment Usage

Please note that as information and updates are made, the details found on this page may change. For this reason, along with security reasons, please do not print out these instructions. You can advise others of the information on this page by passing out the link to this webpage. A. Seminar Rooms B. Classrooms C. […]

Classroom Infrastructure

  Find out about classroom technology in buildings across campus. PLEASE NOTE / REMINDER Data/Info is Passport York protected i.e. first log in at then come back to this page. Click on the building name or + to expand details. Building Name Room Room type RAC Room? Capacity Test capacity Writing surface Equipment

Service Advisory: Remote Access VPN issue due to Mac OS X 10.9

Please be advised that Mac OS X 10.9 is incompatible with the version of software now running in UIT's Remote Access VPN service. At this time there is no known work-around nor is there a date known for resolution of this issue. Users who rely on the Remote Access VPN service should refrain from installation […]

New MyMail Interface Pilot Frequently Asked Questions

  MyMail Frequently Asked Questions Where do I setup an email signature in the new interface? Does my email need to be transferred from the existing MyMail to the new interface? If I delete email on one interface will it also delete it on the other? Where are sent messages stored in the new MyMail? […]

Service Advisory: Remote Access VPN issue due to Mac OS X 10.8.3 update

Please be advised that the Mac OS X 10.8.3 update which was released by Apple last week interferes with normal operation of UIT's Remote Access VPN service on client computers which use Mac OS X. When attempting to start the VPN client, the "Loading Components" page is displayed in the web browser and the VPN […]