Entering Text

In any text area of YQuiz Writer you can type in plain text and YQuiz will format it for you. Alternatively, you can include HTML codes to further enhance your text. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, the standard language in which web pages are written.

Typing plain text

  • Important! Do not "cut and paste" directly from a Microsoft Word document into any text area in YQuiz Writer. Doing so may embed invalid characters in the text area, which will render your quiz unusable.To safely "cut and paste" from a Microsoft Word document, you will need to properly save the document as a PLAIN TEXT document. Instructions vary depending on which version of Microsoft Word you are using, but below are some general instructions on how to do this.
    Instructions on how to save Microsoft Word documents as plain text files

    • open your Microsoft Word Document.
    • go to File->Save As...
    • choose "Text Only" or "Plain Text" in the drop-down menu that's labeled "Save as type:"
    • note the location where you're about to save the file.
    • click the Save button.
    • on newer versions of Microsoft Word, another dialog box will appear -- make sure you check the box that's labeled Allow character substitution.
    • now find the file and double-click on it (the file should end with a ".txt" extension and it should be opened by Notepad).
    • it should now be safe to "cut and paste" from this plain text document into any text area in YQuiz Writer.


  • Do not surround words with angle brackets in your text, like this: <word>. Angle brackets used this way will cause an error because they have a special meaning to web browsers. It's okay to use angle brackets separated from other characters by spaces, like this: < or >.
  • All of your text will be displayed continuously as one paragraph, even if you leave blank lines in the text area. To force a blank line to appear, type the HTML code <p> for a new paragraph.

Using HTML codes

  • You can use HTML codes in any text area within YQuiz except the "choices" for matching answer questions. Since those choices appear as items in a pop-up menu, HTML won't work there.
  • In addition to standard HTML formatting codes, you can include character entities for accented letters and other special characters. For example, to display the copyright symbol © you can type: &copy;
  • HTML codes and character entities will be interpreted when your quiz is formatted. You can preview them by trying the quiz yourself.