YQuiz Statistics and Reports


This feature requires the use of Directory Restrictions. To get detailed information about class performance on your quiz, the quiz directory in your central web account must be protected with a ".htaccess" file that forces people to log in to Passport York. This was probably arranged for you when you first requested YQuiz Writer. If not, please see the instructions below, or contact Learning Technology Services at lts@yorku.ca for assistance.

Viewing statistics and reports

  1. Point your web browser to the Statistics and Reports page of your quiz. You can find this address in YQuiz Writer, on the main Quiz Setup page.
  2. If you are not currently logged in with Passport York, you will be asked to log in.
  3. Use the Filter Options to show the type of information you want to include.
  4. Click the Report Button to generate the type of report you want.

Filter Options

The first set of options asks you to choose whether to report on all attempts for each user, or only their first attempt or highest score. Click theradio button of the option you want.

The second option allows you to restrict the report to a range of dates. Click the check box to activate this option, then enter a start and end date in the format yyyy-mm-dd (2012-10-07). You can leave either of the date boxes blank to get a report  "since" or "up to" a specific date.

This option allows you to generate a report restricted to students enrolled in a specified course. Click the check box to activate this option, and enter the course code string in the space provided.

When "show questions and answers" is selected, reports and raw data will include a coded representation of the questions and answers for each quiz attempt—but it does not show which answers were correct and incorrect. This data may be useful to those who want to copy it to a spreadsheet or database to do question analysis. If you want to see exactly how a student responded to the quiz, use "Show Report" and click the "view" link in the Answers column of the report.

Report Buttons

Show Statistics

This will generate a table of statistics with the selected filter options imposed. Statistics include total attempts, total unique attempts, mean, median, mode, standard deviation, min, max and "score out of".

("Total attempts" counts the total number of attempts taken at the quiz, even if some users each made several attempts. "Total unique attempts" counts each Passport York user only once.)

Show Report

This will generate a detailed report with the selected filter options imposed. Reports are formatted in a table with columns for name, score/out of, date, time, MID, and Answers. (MID is the "Maya ID", a unique identifier for student computer accounts.)

  • Viewing Quiz Answers. You can see exactly how each student responded to the quiz. Click the "view" link in the Answers column. This will display the results page that the student sees after finishing the quiz. Click the Answers button on this page to see the questions and answers.

Get Raw Data

This will generate raw data with the selected filter options imposed. Raw data is comma-separated with fields for username, lastname, firstname, date, time, score and MID.

You can save the raw data by going to the File menu and selecting Save As. Remember to save it as a text file. You may want to give it the extension .csv as well. This file can then be imported into a spreadsheet or database program for further analysis.

Show Report with CYIN

This generates a report that includes the Common York Identifier Number (CYIN): that is, the student number. Only faculty members may use this option.

Get Raw Data with CYIN

This generates raw data that includes the Common York Identifier Number (CYIN): that is, the student number. Only faculty members may use this option.

Getting reports for online tutorials

Faculty members can get statistics and reports from YQuiz for the online tutorials listed at the Online Tutorials Site, allowing you to monitor class participation.

  • Contact the quiz administrator for the tutorial and ask for access to the YQuiz Statistics and Reports page, with permission to get reports for a specific course.
  • Provide your Passport York ID (If you do not yet have Passport York ID, you can get one from Computing Services; send email toaccounts@yorku.ca.)
  • Provide the course code string for your course

If you want a one-time report only, the quiz administrator may prefer to generate it for you.

To arrange for a TA to check course statistics, the course director should send the email and give the TA's Passport York ID.

To find out who to contact for which tutorial(s), please refer to Getting Statistics and Reports at the Online Tutorials site.