YQuiz Overview

What is YQuiz?

YQuiz allows anyone with an account on York's central web server to create simple quizzes and track their use. It includes two parts: (1) YQuiz Writer, for creating and modifying quizzes, and (2) YQuiz Statistics and Reports, for viewing statistics and reports for a quiz.

YQuiz is well-suited for quizzes, self-tests and class participation activities. It is not recommended for formal testing or online exams, as it does not include the advanced safety and security features that tools for this purpose should have. 

Why did York create YQuiz?

YQuiz was created by York University for use in online tutorials such as the Academic Integrity Tutorial or the Library Research Roadmap Tutorial, available from the Online Tutorials Site. Because some courses required the use of these tutorials, York needed an easy-to-use quiz tool that would reliably record student participation. With YQuiz Writer, faculty members can now create and track quizzes for their own courses.

How do I create a quiz?

All that you need to do is:

  1. Have your central web account set up for using YQuiz.
  2. Point your web browser to your own "YQuiz Writer" page.
  3. Create a new quiz by answering a series of questions.
  4. Add some questions to your quiz by filling in some web forms.

YQuiz will build the quiz file and provide you with the information you need to direct students to the quiz.

In addition, you may choose to add some additional features to your quiz.

  • Create sections to organize groups of related questions within the quiz.
  • Add comments to be shown to students based on their performance on the quiz.
  • Set restrictions on access to the quiz.

What are the features of YQuiz?

  • Question types: Multiple choice, true/false, and matching answers.
  • Visual formatting: Add headers, footers, introductory text, or a border.
  • Question formatting: Include links to web pages or images, or use HTML code in the question text.
  • Quiz organization: Group related questions together in a "section", and change the order of sections and questions within the quiz.
  • Randomize questions: Randomly present a smaller number of questions out of a larger set.
  • Access restrictions: Restrict by date and time, or by course enrolment.
  • Question feedback: Include comments based on whether the student answered a question correctly or not.
  • Quiz feedback: Include comments based on the student's overall score.
  • Tracking: Record each attempt at the quiz (users must have a Passport York ID).
  • Quiz administration: Share with others the ability to edit the quiz and to get quiz statistics and reports.
  • Statistics & reporting: Get basic statistics and reports about the use of your quiz.

Where can I get help with YQuiz?