York Undergrad Email is going Google !

UIT Initiative: To improve the email and calendar services provided to students, York University is replacing its current student email system with a Google web-based service. UIT consulted students and thoroughly evaluated a range of service providers. When they conducted a pilot project to gather student opinions, a clear preference for Google's email and collaboration tools emerged.

Re-Imagined & Redesigned New Student Email


To significantly improve York’s student email experience, York University is transitioning its student email service to Google. Doing so provides significant benefits for York students including:

  • Improved and enhanced state-of-the art email service
  • Increased email capacity: 25 GB storage and 5GB file storage
  • Ability to access email addresses, including the York directory, from anywhere
  • Integration with their calendars and easy access from anywhere
  • View, share and edit calendars and set up meetings etc.
  • Create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms
  • Promotes collaboration through instant messaging (IM) with individuals or with groups
  • Access mail, calendar, docs and contacts, all from your mobile
  • Access service from any mobile device using Google Token

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