Lecture Recording @ York

York University offers lecture recording resources to faculty and staff for use in enhancing and supplementing their teaching.

We currently offer three services for recording and/or dissemination of lecture materials. They are:

TechSmith Relay

This powerful tool enables users to capture audio and video from their computer’s screen, and subsequently share it with their students in a few short mouse clicks. Once a TechSmith Relay account has been set up, users can request profiles for each of their courses. Upon logging into the system a user can record and submit their lecture to the TechSmith Relay system, with the final recording being automatically submitted to their Moodle course space.


For Moodle users who choose to utilize TechSmith Relay’s capabilities, podcasting is automatically added to a Moodle course space after the first TechSmith Relay lecture has been completed. Visit the Podcasting page for general information on podcasting.