Quiz Settings

The following settings can be modified by choosing Change Quiz Settings from the Quiz Setup page. You are also asked to choose initial values for these settings when you create a new quiz.

Step One: Quiz title and author

Quiz Title. The title will appear at the top of the quiz page. It is required.
Quiz Author. The author will appear at the top of the quiz page. This is optional.

Step Two: Detail level

Show weight. Select Yes here if you want to display to students the marks each question is worth as they are taking the quiz.
Show score. Select Yes to display the student's score after completing the quiz.
Check answers. Select Yes to allow students to review their own answers after completing the quiz. This setting must be Yes in order to modify the next two settings:

  • Show correct answers. Select Yes to display correct answers to questions.
  • Show question comments. Select Yes to display the comments associated with each question along with the student's answers.

Show quiz comments. Select Yes to display comments associated with the quiz as a whole along with the student's score.

Step Three: Tracking

Enable tracking. Select Yes to turn on tracking of this quiz.

  • Limit attempts. If tracking is turned on, you can restrict the number of attempts that each person may take at the quiz.

What does Tracking do?

When tracking is turned on, you can get information from the YQuiz Statistics & Reports tool about the use of your quiz.

  • This feature requires the use of Directory Restrictions. To get detailed information about class performance on your quiz, the quiz directory in your central web account must be protected with a ".htaccess" file that forces people to log in to Passport York. This was probably arranged for you when you first requested YQuiz Writer. If not, please see the instructions below, or contact UIT Learning Technology Services at lts@yorku.ca for assistance.

Step Four: Save Changes

Click Save Changes to record the new settings in your quiz file.