Quiz Restrictions

From this page you can set restrictions to limit access to your quiz to a specified date and time, or to a limited group of people.

Step One: Date/Time access restriction

Enable date/time access restriction. Select Yes to restrict the access to your quiz to a specified period of time.

  • Start date and time. Use the selection boxes to specify the start date and time.
  • End date and time. Use the selection boxes to specify the end date and time.

Step Two: Course Access Restriction

Course Access Restriction. Select Yes to limit access to this quiz to students enrolled in specified courses.

  • Add courses. In the Courses area, enter or paste in a course code string and click Add.

About Course Access Restrictions

  • What does this feature do? Enabling course access restriction protects the confidentiality of your quiz by restricting it to only students in your course. Once you limit access in this way, the only people who can take the quiz will be students in courses you specify, and people who are listed as Quiz Administrators.
  • Course Access Restrictions are not used to get course statistics and reports. You do not have to restrict a quiz to your course in order to get reports on your students' performance. As long as your quiz directory is protected so that people have to log into Passport York before taking the quiz, you can get a report that shows results for only your class (or any other class, for that matter).
  • Which course groups should you list? Choose the largest grouping that includes everyone who should be allowed to take the quiz. For example, in a course with a lecture and multiple tutorials, enter the course code for the lecture group. You do not have to add each tutorial because all of the students are enrolled in the lecture course. You can still get reports for each tutorial group from YQuiz Statistics & Reports.
  • This feature requires the use of Directory Restrictions. For course access restrictions to work, the quiz directory in your central web account must be protected with a ".htaccess" file that forces people to login to Passport York. This was probably arranged for you when you first requested YQuiz Writer. If not, please see the instructions below, or contact UIT Learning Technology Services at lts@yorku.ca for assistance.

Step Three: Save changes

Click Save Changes to update your quiz file.