Quiz File Locations

This page explains the purpose of important files associated with your quiz. The location of these files is presented to you after you create a new quiz, and is repeated again on the main Quiz Setup page. Be sure to print one or the other of these pages for your records!

Quiz Location

The web address of your quiz. You must direct your students to this location when you want them to take the quiz. You can do that using whatever method you normally do to post web addresses, including making a link on your course web site, or copying and pasting into an email message or document file.
Be sure to follow this link and try the quiz yourself as you are writing it! This is the only way to preview the quiz.

Statistics Location

The web address of the YQuiz Statistics & Reports page for your quiz. Each quiz has its own Statistics & Reports page. You must be logged into Passport York in order to view this page, and only you and the people you assign as Administrators for the quiz can view it.

YQuiz Writer Location

The web address of the YQuiz Writer. You must point your web browser here to work on your quizzes. Each user has their own custom web address for YQuiz Writer.