Quiz Comments

This page allows you to enter comments for the quiz as a whole, and feedback based on student performance. You must have Show Quiz Comments set to Yes in the Quiz Settings for these comments to be displayed to students.

Step One: Enter comments

You can enter plain text in the comment areas, or include HTML codes for special text formatting. Tips on entering text
General comments. This text will be shown to all students after completing the quiz.
Score range comments. This allows you to enter different comments based on the student's score on the quiz. The student will see only the comment associated with the percentage range into which their own score falls.

  • Add new comments. Start by clicking this button to add as many score range comment boxes as you need.
  • Enter the score ranges. Enter a percentage range in the "Score range from" and "to" areas for each score range comment.
  • Enter the comments. Type your comments in the text areas.
  • Remove empty comments. Remove any empty score range comment boxes when you are done.

Step Two: Save changes

Click Save Changes to update your quiz file.

Previewing your comments

To see what your comments look like, try the quiz yourself. Go to the Quiz Setup page and click the Quiz Location link.