Passport York Password Reset for Staff and Faculty

Passport York login reset for Staff and Faculty:

  1. Go to Passport York Password Reset Application
  2. Log on using your staff Passport York login credentials
  3. 1. Employee PPY Password Reset

  4. You can search client by Username or Employee number
  5. Username Lookup:
    2. Username Lookup
    Employee number look up:
    3. Employee number lookup

  6. The system will populate client’s full name and username in brackets. Please write down client’s username for later use
  7. Click on the reset button to change the password to the default password. System will prompt below messages prior the reset:
  8. 4. Reset user's password
    5. Password successfully reset

  9. Give/send the client his/her username and the default password
  10. Default password: last 4 digits of Social Insurance number and last 4 letters of surname
    Surname rules:

    • If your surname has less than 4 characters just enter your full surname
    • If there is a - or a ' on your surname skip it and do not enter it
    • If your surname has accents, use the unaccented letter.

    The Employee Password Reset system will only work for Faculty or Employee accounts that have a valid employee number
    Invalid username:
    6. Invalid username error
    Search by student number or username:
    7. Search by Student number or username