Ordering Equipment for Faculty of Health

CRP Renewal

Through the Computer Renewal Program (CRP), York University offers its faculty members a comprehensive suite of computers, desktops and notebooks, for the purpose of conducting routine computing activities related to their professional obligations, including research, teaching and service. Faculty members are eligible to replace / renew their CRP computer every 3 years.

Per University Policy, faculty members are not permitted to purchase CRP computers assigned to them. The last CRP must be returned upon installation of the new CRP. This allows the Faculty to cascade them to contract faculty (who do not receive computer resources), research labs and other teaching and research priorities within the Faculty, as identified through the Faculty’s annual computing plan.

CRP Questions:

If you require assistance in determining your choice of computer, kindly direct your questions to askit@yorku.ca. Designated CTS technicians will provide consultation prior to the submission of your Order Form.

CRP Ordering Steps:

Once you have made your selection from the available options, kindly complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Order Form in its entirety
  2. Provide Research Account details for selections beyond the “Standard” desktop/notebook models
  3. Submit an email to askit@yorku.ca including:
    1. Subject: “CRP Renewal Order”
    2. Attach completed CRP Order Form (form must be completed in its entirety)
    3. cc lmobilio@yorku.ca in the email request
  4. You will receive an email with an assigned ticket number for your request. Save the assigned ticket number for future reference. Include the ticket number in follow-up communications/status requests to reduce the creation of duplicate tickets for the order.
  5. Back up all of your data from your existing CRP on to an external device so that data will not be lost when your new CRP is installed and the old CRP collected by UIT.
  6. Once your order has been logged, it will be assigned to a CTS technician to be fulfilled. Progress will be communicated to you in reference to the ticket. Should any clarification be required, the CTS technician will reach out to you directly to obtain the information.
  7. The new CRP will only be deployed once your last CRP has been returned to UIT.
    • All computer equipment obtained through the CRP program remains the property of York, even in instances where PER or Grant monies were used to cover a portion of the CRP cost.
    • The new CRP will be deployed to you once the most recent CRP computer assigned to you has been returned to UIT.
    • With Faculty and UIT approval, old CRP's may be redistributed across the faculty to support research initiatives.