Order Sections

The Order Sections page allows you to change the order in which sections are displayed within your quiz.
If you have multiple sections in your quiz, YQuiz first arranges the sections in the order in which you created them, and then arranges the questions within each section. The simplest way to reorganize a quiz file with multiple sections is to first use Order Sections to place the sections in the order you want, and then use Order Questions to place the questions in each section in the order you want.

Step One: Order Sections

The sections are listed on the left side of the screen.

  1. Select a section by clicking on it. You can select multiple sections here (Ctrl+Click for Windows users, Command+Click for Mac users).
  2. Click on the UP and DOWN buttons to re-arrange the sections within the quiz.

Step Two: Save changes

  1. Click the Save Changes button to record the new order in your quiz file.

Previewing your changes

To see what your changes look like, try the quiz yourself. Go to the Quiz Setup page and click the Quiz Location link.