Manage Sections

What are Sections?

Sections allow you to group related questions together in a set. Once questions are grouped together in a section, you can do some useful things.

  • Present related questions together. You can display common instructions or one reference text at the top of a section, followed by questions that refer to that text.
  • Randomize questions. You can assign 20 questions to a section and have YQuiz randomly select only 10 for each student, so that each student will get a slightly different quiz.

With multiple sections, you can ensure that certain questions are presented to all students, while other questions may be randomly selected.
Every quiz must have at least one section, which is initially named DEFAULT. You can modify the DEFAULT section in the same way as any other. If you only have one section in your quiz, modifying the section settings is like modifying those features for the quiz as a whole.

Step One: add, edit or remove Sections

You will first see a list of the sections in your quiz.
Remove. Click Remove to remove the corresponding section from the quiz. You must have at least one section in your quiz.

  • If you remove a section that has questions assigned to it, those questions will not be removed from your quiz file. However, they will not be used in the quiz until they are re-assigned to another section. YQuiz can only display questions to students if they are assigned to a section.

Edit. Click Edit to revise the corresponding section settings (see Step Two, below).
Add New Section. Click this button to add a new section to your quiz (see Step Two, below).

Step Two: Adding (or Editing) Sections

You must give each section a name, but the other settings are optional. In the text areas, you can enter plain text or use HTML codes. Tips on entering text
Section Name. Provide a short name to identify this section. The section name is limited to 12 characters, so that it will display properly in pop-up menus.
Section Header. This text will appear at the top of the section on the quiz page.
Section Description. This text will appear above the questions belonging to this section.
Links and Images. Fields are provided for adding a link to a web page or an image at the top of the section. Enter the URL (web address) for the page or image in the box provided. How to find the web address of an image.

  • Link Description. This text will be shown as the linked text on the quiz page. If you don't enter a Link Description, the web address will be displayed and linked.
  • Image Description. This text will be used as the alternative text for the image if it fails to load, or for students using a screen reader or text-only display.

Section Footer. This text will appear below the last question in the section.
Border. Select Yes to display a border around the entire section.
Randomize Questions. Select Yes to have YQuiz shuffle the order of questions within this section.

  • Number of Questions to include. Enter a number to have YQuiz select a specific number of questions to use from all those in the section. Leave this blank if you want YQuiz to use all of the questions. The section must be set to randomize questions for this option to work.
  • Test all your questions first! Randomizing hides questions. Leave the randomize setting off when you are testing to be sure that you see every question in your quiz file. Turn it back on when you are sure that all the questions are ready for students to use.

Add or Save. Click Add or Save to update the quiz file.

Previewing quiz Sections

To see what your new section settings look like, try the quiz yourself. Go to the Quiz Setup page and click the Quiz Location link.