Manage Questions

The Manage Questions feature allows you to edit or delete any question in your quiz, or change the section to which a question is assigned. If you want to change the order in which questions appear in the quiz, use the Order Questions feature.

Step One: View questions

Select All questions to view all of the questions in your quiz file. Select From section and choose a section name from the pop-up menu to view only the questions assigned to a specific section.
Click View Questions to display the questions.

Step Two: Manage questions

The questions are listed on the left side of the screen. The section to which the question is assigned is displayed in parentheses next to the Question ID. Select a question by clicking on it. You can select multiple questions here (Ctrl+Click for Windows users, Command+Click for Mac users).
Edit question. Takes you to the Question Editor screen, where you can modify the question. You can only have one question selected to use this option.
Delete questions. Removes the question(s) from your quiz file. You will be asked to confirm this choice.
Move to section. Choose a section from the pop-up list and click Move to re-assign the question to a different section of the quiz.
When you are done managing questions, click Back to Quiz Setup Page to return to Quiz Setup, or use the Quick Links menu to go to another section of YQuiz Writer.