AirYorkPLUS with Windows 7

  1. Right click on the wireless icon in the task bar located at the bottom right of your screen and select Open Network and Sharing Center
  2. Open Network and Sharing Center

  3. Select Manage wireless networks from the left-hand sidebar
  4. Select Manage wireless networks

  5. Select Add; Click on Manually create a network profile
  6. In the Manually connect to a wireless network window, specify the following and click Next:
    • Network name: AirYorkPLUS
    • Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
    • Encryption type: AES
  7. Once you've successfully added the AirYorkPLUS profile, click on Change connection settings
  8. Click Change connection settings

  9. In the Security tab, ensure the network authentication method selected is Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) and click on Settings
  10. Security tab settings

  11. In the Protected EAP Properties window:
    • ensure Validate server certificate is selected
    • under Trusted Root Certification Authorities, select GlobalSign Root CA
    • under Select Authentication Method, ensure Secured password (EAP-MSCHAPv2) is selected and click Configure
  12. Certificate settings

  13. Uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and password... and click OK to close all windows
  14. Loggon setting

  15. At this point, you have configured your AirYorkPLUS network settings and should see a pop-up asking for you to click to provide additional information, as shown below; if the pop-up does not appear, click on the wireless icon in the task bar, choose AirYorkPLUS from the list of available networks and click Connect
  16. Additional information popup

  17. In the Windows Security box, enter your Passport York credentials and click OK to connect
  18. Passport York credentials

  19. If you see the following authentication error message then please click Connect
  20. Authentication Certificate Error