Creating and Editing True/False Questions

You may have reached this question editor screen by choosing Create New Question, or by using Manage Questions to edit an existing question.

Step One: Basic Question Settings

Start by entering basic information about your question.
Enter Question ID. This name will be used to identify your question. Try to use something that will help you to remember what the question is about, so that you can find it again if you need to change it later. The Question ID cannot contain spaces, only letters, numbers and the underscore character.
Choose a section. If you have more than one section in your quiz, you can assign the question to a section here. If you haven't created sections yourself, the question will be assigned to the DEFAULT section. You can change section assignments later using the Manage Questions feature.
Assign marks. Enter the number of marks to be awarded if the student answers the question correctly.

Step Two: Enter Question

Next, enter the question and indicate the correct answer.
Enter question. Enter the text of your question. Tips on entering text
Enter links and images. Fields are provided for adding a link to a web page or an image to your question. Enter the URL (web address) for the page or image in the box provided. How to find the web address of an image.

  • Link description. This text will be shown as the linked text on the quiz page. If you don't enter a Link Description, the web address will be displayed and linked.
  • Image description. This text will be used as the alternative text for the image if it fails to load, or for students using a screen reader or text-only display.

Select the correct answer. Click the round radio button to select either True or False as the correct answer.

Step Three: Add comments and feedback

You must set Check Answers and Show Question Comments to Yes in the Quiz Settings for question comments and feedback to be displayed. Any of the comments can be left blank for any question, even if you have chosen to display comments. Tips on entering text
General comments. This is a comment about the question. Students will see this comment whether they answered the question correctly or incorrectly.
Feedback for a correct answer. Students will see this comment only if they answered the question correctly.
Feedback for an incorrect answer. Students will see this comment only if they answered the question incorrectly.

Step Four: Create or Save

Click Create Question (or Save) to update the question in your quiz file.
The question is not updated in your quiz file until you Create or Save it.
If you want to change the question later, you can edit it using the Manage Questions page.

Previewing your question

To see what your questions look like, try the quiz yourself. Go to the Quiz Setup page and click on the Quiz Location link.