Creating a New Quiz

After you click the Create a New Quiz button, you will be taken through several steps to set up a new quiz file and choose initial settings for it.

Step 1 of 7: Quiz ID

The Quiz ID is the file name for your quiz. It will become part of the web address (or URL) of the quiz page. It cannot include spaces or special characters: only letters, numbers and the underscore character.

Steps 2 to 7: Quiz settings

The remaining steps ask you to choose initial settings for your quiz. These settings are described in the Quiz Settings help file. You can change any of these settings again later by using the Quiz Settings feature.

The finish

After your new quiz has been created, you will be shown the location of important files that are associated with your quiz. These files are described more fully in the Quiz File Locations help file.

What's next?

You now have a quiz file, but it's empty.

  • You must add questions to the quiz before anyone can use it.
  • You may also use optional features such as setting access restrictions, organizing your quiz with sections, and adding comments and feedback.

Click on the final link, "Bring me to the Quiz Setup page", to get started.