ARMS Release Notes

November 19, 2014

ARM System Upgrade (Version 498 – Release Notes))

  • (New) Inter-Faculty Teaching Report:
    This new report displays courses for a particular faculty that are being taught by instructors that are outside of that particular faculty.
  • (Enhancement) Low Enrolment Report – additional columns:
    We have added room capacity, format type and term as new columns to the report and CSV download.


  • (Enhancement) Post-Snapshot approval: Create CSV download of pending changes:
    A new CSV download has been added to the budget Unapproved Changes since last snapshot page. this details all of the unapproved changes.
  • (Enhancement) Workload Letter Issues:
    the Workload Letter Generator has been updated with some new formatting along with the ability to customise some of the aspects of the letter's appearance.
  • (Enhancement) Access to Full Time Funding Source:
    access to the ability to add/edit/remove Full Time Funding Source information has been confined to the VP A&P role and the Super Admin role.
  • (Enhancement) Course number of Grad/UnderGrad integrated course:
    this has been updated to display the integrated courses on the main course search page along with a proper showing on the course details page.
  • (Fix) REG COA Activity and Location Code within the ETF should not be included in the Toggle Details:
    the REG COA Activity and Location Code information has been moved up and above the Toggle Details link on the ETF in order to try and resolve the issue of these fields being left blank when an ETF is submitted.
  • (Fix) Retiree contract type counting as FT on teaching load:
    the information for the retiree contract has been removed from any of the totals found on the teaching load report
  • (New) New ETF for Advisors:
    The existing Advisor position type job code has been properly set the for the ETF and will no longer go through as a Course Director
  • (New) New category for course release AAPR – Academic Task Force:
    a new category for Course Release AAPR - Academic Task Force has been added under the Other category on the Add Course Release page.
  • (New) Post Doctoral Visitors tracked in ARMS:
    a new Post Doctoral Visitor position type has been implemented within ARMS to help better track these instructors.
  • (New) School of Nursing CUPE Hiring Repository – step 3:
    the ability to enter more than three (3) specific courses into the Unit 2 Application has been introduced. It also give the ability to enter these courses based on the master posting number as well as the course number.

July 02, 2014

ARM system upgrade (Version 479 – Release Notes)

  • (Fix) Previous Bank Diagnostics Report (Instructor Teaching Load): Create report showing carryover discrepancies. Identifies cases where the banking carryover from previous to current year doesn’t align. This report was giving incorrect values. Fix now giving the correct values.
  • (New) Teaching Release History Report: This report provides an expanded list for specific instructors with their full-time teaching load over a selective period of time.
  • (Enhancement) Lecture Excludee Report: Filter added for Categorized or Uncategorized.


  • (Enhancement) Search Instructor (Arm for Full-Time Instructor): Now can search for Full-time Instructors.
  • (Enhancement) School of Nursing CUPE Hiring Repository - Step 2: Creating Unit 2 Applications. Extends the data elements of the application allow the applicant to attach a CV, indicate whether or not they are incumbent, a position type, their proof of practice, etc.
  • (Enhancement) User List: Faculty Privilege users now have read-only access to the user list.
  • (Enhancement) Descriptions added to Reports Page: Descriptions added to the Reports page.
  • (Fix) Course lookup for courses: No longer fails when a course lookup is done for courses that do have language of instruction to something other than EN or FR.

May 15, 2014

ARM system upgrade (Version 465 – Release Notes)

  • (Fix) Report: Low Enrolment Report is displaying cancelled courses. Courses that have been cancelled are now not appearing in the report results.
  • (Fix) Low Course Enrolment Report: The report provides a list of assignments that were carried over with information from the previous-year assignment. Courses that have been cancelled are now not appearing the report results.


  • (New) Search (Allow ETF to be search by date):On the Search Screen for ETF Work flow the Rec'd by CUPE Hiring was added so users can search an ETF based on this date.
    • "Rec'd by CUPE Hiring date" field will show all the ETF Status such as Accepted by PeopleSoft, Rejected by PeopleSoft, Saved in CUPE Hiring, and Incomplete in CUPE Hiring.
  • (New) School of Nursing CUPE Hiring Repository - Step 1: Extend the demographic profile of the applicant in order to supply the reviewer with more information through the extended search results.
  • (Fix)Meet Detail Information: Updated - Shows Start & End Date.
  • (Fix) Add Course Release: YUFA Research Development Fellowships (RDF). YUFA Article 19.33 has been added and will be found under "Research" Category. User will see this new addition when they are on the "Add Course Release" page.
  • (Fix) Posting - Correction for Glendon: Request from Glendon to change the Apply to Section of the Master Posting in French to the following: SOUMETTRE SA DEMANDE AU (replace AU by À).

Apri 01, 2014

ARM system upgrade (Version 450  – Release Notes)

  • (Fix) Report: Handle home/joint/cross appointments better in Full-time Teaching Load Report and YUFA March 15th Report.
  • (New) Previous Bank Diagnostics Report (Instructor Teaching Load): Create report showing carryover discrepancies. Identifies cases where the banking carryover from previous to current year doesn’t align.
  • (New) Report: Senior Scholar designation and a report created that will list all the individuals that are senior scholars by faculty and department.
  • (New) Assignment Rollover Report: The report provides a list of assignments that were carried over with information from the previous-year assignment.
  • (New) Low Course Enrolment Report: The report provides a list of assignments that were carried over with information from the previous-year assignment.


  • (Fix)Post-snapshot approval: Exclude from the queue split-out assignments. So it will not generate a budget change approval request.
  • (Fix) ARMS Rollover Functionality: Copy selections clarification in ARMS Rollover Functionality.
    • Tab changed to “Copy Selections to 20XX – XX’ where 20XX represents the previous year and XX is the current academic year you are copy it to.
  • (Fix) CUPE Hiring error message for return status of -1
    • Error message changes from CUPE Hiring down to there are an error in the passed data. This error message appears when an ETF is submitted.
  • (Fix) Full-time faculty moves to part-time status now able to view instructor who is in part time status.
  • (Fix) Override Rates and Assigns/Hours calculation.
  • (Fix) Fiscal Year drop down box values on Edit Sabbatical page corrected.
  • (Fix) Status of Instructor is not a Retiree: Instructor is now shown as a Retiree.
  • (New) YUFA Article 19.32 added to Course Release table
  • (New) Instructor Teaching Load Letter Generator: The generator creates a full-time faculty letter which captures lecture day/time/room and summarizes the teaching load information.

Dec 10, 2013

ARM system upgrade (Version 419  – Release Notes)
Universal Search :

  • (Fix) Search: Provide search type-specific option to override the default sort order. For all search options user can now sort on multiple fields. For example, on candidate search would default to the standard order, but users could select a value from the sort dropdown optmized for sorting by course number (then term etc).
  • (Fix) Search: Course Release - ICR (Internal Cost Recovery) and (ECR) External Cost Recovery were added to the extended search results.


  • (Fix) Report: Sabbatical Forecast Report shows only "active" faculty. The report will not include faculty that has been terminated, retired, or deceased.
  • ((New) Music Department Private Lessons Instructors Report: A report that displays private lessons for solo artists as well as group ensembles. These are not entered in ARM. This new report will allow the Music Department to download the necessary information and upload to SIS directly.


  • (Fix) Budget Approval: Split out assignments are now excluded from Post-snapshot approval. Therefore a a split out assignment function will not generate a budget change approval request.
  • (Fix) CUPE Workflow Visualization
    • Session is now replace with Term for Search
    • Filter that is now added to Term : Fall (F) , Fall and Winter (F and W), and Summer (S)
  • (Fix) ARM Update Instructor Teacher Load
    • Update value is now added on the top of the page for the Instructor Teaching Load and is still available at the bottom of the page.

October 2, 2013

ARM system upgrade (Version 389  – Release Notes)
Task View :

  • (New) Task View: Add link to Assingment Rollover functionality.

Universal Search :

  • (Fix) Search: Course Search Meet Assignments for cancelled courses no error is generated if the user clicks onto a course that has been cancelled and has no meets and no assignments.
  • (Update)Retiree Offer Search: Remove "Received" and "Revoked" options.


  • (Fix) Report: ETF’s on Cancelled Courses/Deleted Assignments will show assignments deleted by user and SIS.
  • (Fix) Report: ETFs on Cancelled Courses/Deleted Assignments Report does not generate an error or crashes.
  • (Fix) Report:Create FGS Report - Graduate Financial Assistance report - needs to be verified and corrected if wrong.
  • (New) TA Application Report:Add column for Declaration of Availability - add to TA Applications and Doctoral Students TAships reports.


  • (Fix)Correct Address for Offer of Appointment.
  • (New) SSB Changes:
    • Add new position type called “part-time instructor”
    • Up limit to process contracts over $100K.
  • (Update) Course title appears in Unit 2 Offers in the same manner as Unit 1 Offers.
  • (New) Search: Introduce Instructor Sort Order within the Search Screen on primary meets that are based on course, section, position type and instructor name.
  • (Update) Instructor Order: Add new article type to category research - Under the page instructor/addcoursereleasemaster add a new type "YUFA Article 18.15".
  • (New) TA Applications: Track "Declaration of Availability" submissions - FGS needs the ability to maintain students' Declaration of Availability.

July 9, 2013

ARM system upgrade (Version 331  – Release Notes)
Universal Search :

  • (Fix) Search: Add checkbox to exclude assignments with zero-hours/assigns for Assignment and Candidate search.


  • (New) Postings with Cancelled Assignments Reports: Create a new report that contains list of postings with canceled assigments.


  • (Fix) Full-time instructors: Suppressed terminated instructors from instructors list.
  • (Fix) Sabbacticals: Limit SRCs to one full sabbatical regardless of the number of SRC contracts.
  • (New) Offer Letter: Add disclaimer to adderss section.
  • (Fix) FAQ: Enable case insensitive and wild card search for FAQ.
  • (Fix) Offer Letters: Fix typ in CUPE-2 and rename Date Ranking Info Changed to "Data As Of: show bank info and phone number".
  • (Fix) Offer Letters: Wording Changes on the Offer Letters for CUPE-1 and CUPE-2.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Use the new include 0 assigns filter when linking from visualization to search
    change wording from exclude to include.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Add checkbox to exclude assignments with zero-hours/assigns.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Set ETF Status = "No ETF Yet" for drilldown on Offer Accepted box.
  • (New) Assignment Rollover:Set contract start/end dates based on previous-year contracts. (Training will be provided at a future date.)
    • Add Course-level filter.
    • Display the assigment matching rules.
    • Add Term filter.
    • Clarify description of instructor rollover.
    • Extend the assignment cap to 500.
    • Change "old" to "Previous Year."
    • Replacement assignments should be excluded from consideration.
  • (New) Rate Card: Show last updated by/date.
  • (Fix) Department Code Mapping: Show better msg if no unmapped departments remain within a faculty.
  • (New) Assignments: Show unapproved changes on assignments in meet list on course detail page
    Course/Meet/Assignment Detail pages: show if there are unapproved changes.
  • (New) ETF: Editing Banking Information on the CUPE Hiring Screen.
  • (Fix) CSV File:Fix download csv.
  • (Fix) Filters: Hide some course and dept level filters.
  • (Fix) Filters: Work for dept-level properly.
    • Correctly highlight start/end dates if different.
    • Highlight start/end dates if different.
  • (Fix) Class Size Compensation Processing: Error messages relating to Class Size Compensation.
    • CH (Cupe Hiring) is down.
    • CUPE system is down - HR has taken down CUPE for some reason.
    • Invalid Effective Date.
    • Job does not qualify for CSC.
    • CSC has already been uploaded for this job.
  • (Fix) Remove unused views: Removed DB views not used by application.
  • (Fix) Mis Issues:
    • Fix jslint warnings.
    • Update changelog - Documentation update.
    • Updated data model docs - Documentation update.
    • Write unit test for function getTermsOfCourse - Testing script update.
    • Get test_db_components working - Testing script update.
    • Update install docs for dev for running coverage tests - Documentation update.
    • WIP documentation checkin - Documentation update.
    • Get report unit test passing again - Testing scripts update.
    • Get unit tests passing again -Testing Scripts update.
    • WIP checkin of docs - Documentation update.
    • Fix type in add new role docs - Documentation update.
    • Add docs on how to add a new security role - Documentation update.
    • Updates to view descriptions - Documentation update.
    • Docs: split content out from Architecture.txt into new file Maintenance.txt -Documentation update.

May 16, 2013

ARM system upgrade (Version 224  – Release Notes)
Universal Search :

  • (Fix) Search: Convert Non-Posted checkbox to dropdown.
  • (New) Search: Add functionality to PeopleSoft Job search to help HR review deleted assignments.
  • (New) PeopleSoft Job Search: add option to filter out blank records.
  • (New) Search: Create Candidate Status of "Offer Generated" and make Draft and Approved subcategories under it.
  • (New) Offer search: break into CUPE-1/2/E and Retiree Offers.
  • (Fix) Search: going to next page fails on posting search, or any search with checkboxes in search results.
  • (New) PeopleSoft Job Search: Add "ETF Created" field.


  • (Fix) Master Posting: Provide a "Master Posting Not Found" error page.


  • (Fix) Reports: Remove True Visitors from Sabbatical Report in ARM.
  • (Fix) Reports: Rename "Count of Meet Assignments" Report.
  • (New) Unapproved Assignment Changes Report: Suppress assignments to cancelled courses.
  • (New) Reports: Create HR/CUPE Hiring Section of Reports Page.
  • (New) Reports: Move "Graduate Students Missing Candidacy Level" to FGS Report section.
  • (New) Reports: Retiree Entitlement Report.
  • (Fix) Reports: Add columns to Late Published Report for offers: instructor and contract.
  • (New) Reports: Move "ETFs Not Acknowledged By CUPE Hiring" to the Diagnostics section of the report page.
  • (New) Reports: Remove "ETFs With Changes Since Submitting to CUPE Hiring" report.
  • (New) Reports: Move "ETFs for HR" to Diagnostics section.
  • (New) Reports: Remove "ETFs with Invalid Codes" Report, since CUPE Hiring now does nightly validation.
  • (Fix) Reports: Assignments to Backup Meets report: Add checkbox to zero hour/assigns assignments.
  • (Fix) ETF-to-PeopleSoft Reconciliation report: Add "ETF Created “field.
  • (Fix) LSTA Report: Assignments Report does not include non-meet assignments.


  • (New) LSTA: Create ability to track LSTA instructors.
    • Add LSTA Instructors report, with add/edit/delete functionality.
    • Show LSTAs on instructor details page.
    • If assigning a candidate/instructor to a LSTA position, only allow LSTA instructors.
    • Enhance "Convert to LSTA" function so that it prevents conversion to non-LSTA instructor, and tells the user why it was prevented.
  • (Fix) Security: Add role check to the link for removing external ETFs.
  • (New) Retirees: Teaching entitlement tracking for retirees.
  • (New) Filtering: Filtering on Dean's Office produces no results.
  • (New) Offer Letter: Create Offer Letter for Retirees.
  • (Fix) Assignments: Create bulk "Exclude from SIS" screen.
  • (New) Offer Letters: Add labels for sections of the emergency contact info.
  • (Fix) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Change color of remaining items in each box to red. Note: Color changed also for Total Items since that also represents the hyperlink.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Provide a legend to explain the Remaining vs. Total numbers.
  • (New) Assignment Details Page: Make links to Position Assignment Details page work if there is no CUPE workflow on the position (retiree offer is an example).
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Session filter on diagram needs to populate Term filter on drill-down results.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Offer Generated drilldown should map to new "Offer Generated" in details.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Date stamp the workflow_summary.png filename to prevent browser caching of old image.
  • (Fix) CUPE-E: Prevent direct Instructor Name assignment if Candidate Name has been entered.
  • (Fix) Express Assignments: Rename the FGS version of the Express Assignments Report to "CUPE-1 Express Assignments".
  • (Fix) Rename: Rename position Course Director - 1st 5 to Course Director - Enriched Rate.
  • (Fix) Retiree offer letters: don't mingle departments in offer letters.
  • (Fix) Retiree entitlement: show summary when selecting retiree instructor on add/edit assignment page.
  • (Fix) Retiree offer letters: put latest computed entitlement number in offer letter, and tweak wording for it.
  • (New) Retiree entitlement: Warn user when entitlement cap has been met.
  • (New) Express Assignment: show info on CUPE-2 cap when instructor is selected.
  • (Fix) Retiree offer letters: Creating one fails if the retiree has a deleted offer letter.
  • (Fix) Retiree entitlement: Allow overriding current default entitlements of 5 enriched rate and 3 standard rate assignments.
  • (New) Retiree offer letters:  Include any customized retiree entitlement in offer letter.
  • (New) Retiree offer letters: If change is not approved in budget, suppress Create Offer link with warning message.
  • (New) Retiree Entitlement: Show the entitlement cap warning when the retiree reaches zero remaining entitlements.
  • (Fix) Retiree Entitlement: Move the Edit link below the “Retiree Entitlements” heading.
  • (New) CUPE Offer Search: Do not include retirees
  • (New) Retiree Entitlement: If newly added/updated assignment is over retiree entitlement cap, show flash message like CUPE-2 cap.

April 11, 2013

ARM system upgrade (Version 117 – Release Notes)
ETF Workflow:

  • (Fix) ETF Status Updates from CUPE Hiring: : if bad job id sent, do not fail the entire batch.
  • (New) ETF Detail: page should render even if ETF has been deleted.


  • (New) Posting Creation: Have Select All/None links for related courses.
  • (New) Postings: "Add to Existing" posting should not unapproved a posting if the identical course is already present.
  • (New) Postings: Allow non-Dean's Office personnel to edit unapproved postings beyond the posting date.
  • (Fix) Posting Creation: Bulk posting creation sometimes stores the wrong user as the creator.


  • (New) Report: Express Assignments created by the Dean's Office.
  • (New) Report: PeopleSoft Upload Report to show how uploads went.
  • (New) Post-Mortem GIA Report: Create an explicit "Remove Adjustment" link.
  • (New) Post-Mortem GIA Report: Save blank adjustments as if the user entered a zero.
  • (Fix) Reports: ARM to PeopleSoft Reconciliation Report should only include ARM assignments which have had an ETF.
  • (Fix) Reports: Rewrite Assignments to Cancelled Courses w/new machinery - user visible changes are new Download CSV and show row count.
  • (New) Assignments to Cancelled Courses Report: Add explanation about effects of deleting these assignments.
  • (New) Assignments to Cancelled Courses Report: Add bulk delete (checkboxes with select all/none) functionality.
  • (New) Assignments to Cancelled Courses Report: Break out Other Instructor Costs on cancelled courses into its own report.


  • (New) Unit 2 Teaching Applications: Suppress " No Instructor Named" checkbox on search page.
  • (Fix) Unit 2 Teaching Applications: Fixed - Search by Instructor Name or Payno does not throw an internal error.
  • (Fix) Grant In Aid Worksheet: Fixed - No longer shows error.
  • (New) Post-snapshot approval: Exclude from the approval queue those with zero hours/assigns.
  • (New) FGS: Create report allowing FGS to mark acknowledgement of Unit 1 Express assignments.
  • (New) Interactive FAQ Functionality: Create interactive FAQ functionality for users. Content TBD
  • (Fix) Help Content: Pasting large content (possibly with non-ascii characters) into help content caused an exception
  • (New) PeopleSoft Reconciliation: Add PeopleSoft Employee Record ID to /report/ps_arm_recon report.
  • (Fix) CUPE-E Assignments:
    • Allow a max override rate of $99,999.99
    • Fix the way calendar popup looks on search page
    • Filter on upload date properly (need to truncate it)
    • Filter on upload date
    • Filter on contract start/end dates
    • Guarantee unique ordering in search
    • Fix employee id search
    • Filter on fiscal_year, employee_id, union_code
  • (New) PeopleSoft Reconciliation: Enhance ETF search for Payroll -- WIP update Changelog
  • (New) Assignments: Add NRA status to assignment detail.
  • (New) Assignments: Create Express Non-Posted Assignment process for Dean's Office.
  • (Fix) Assignments: Remove option to circumvent CUPE Workflow for Unit 1 and Unit 2 assignments.
  • (Fix) Express Assignments: Notify/redirect user when payno is needed for CUPE-1 instructor.
  • (New) Assignment Detail: Show CSC Status.
  • (New) GFA Report: For PhD Report, only show students who have been assigned a TA position for that academic year.
  • (New) Instructor Details: Add CSC information.
  • (New) TA Applications: Show list of assignments in last two
  • (New) Teaching Application Search: Add Payno to search results fix side effect of css change
  • (New) Search and Buttons: ARM Look and Feel changes.* Change action buttons from default grey to York red.* Hide search form from users, when users access the search results from Task view. Also, hide search form when user clicks on Search button. Display Search form when user click on Search menu.
  • (New) Search: Constrain "PeopleSoft Jobs" search to HR.
  • (New) Search: add filter option "No Instructor Named" - useful for CUPE Workflow Visualization.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: show Download Image button above image.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Assignments that circumvented CUPE workflow should be treated as non-posted.
  • (Fix) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Fixed - Clicking on diagram responds in the browser Firefox.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Alter diagram to accommodate CUPE-E instructors in SB that receive no offer letter from ARM.
  • (New) CUPE Workflow Visualization: Click to see the "remaining" assignments in each box.
  • (New) CUPE Hiring Integration: Inform user that CUPE Hiring is down if invalid token is received.

March 04, 2013

ARM system upgrade (Version 6001)

  • Report: New Resource Report: Show existing name and new name for resources now recognized by York.
  • Report: GIA Post-Mortem Report: Allow FGS to mark adjustments that have been fixed.
  • Report: FGS: Create report showing TAShips allocated to instructors on partial TAship list.
  • Report: Sabbatical Forecast Report: Only forecast up to the year of the (valid) termination date.
  • Report: ARM/PeopleSoft Reconciliation reports: Filter by faculty, department, and/or discrepancy type.
  • Report: Reports for Master/Doctoral Student TAships: fix rounding issue and show result count.
  • Report: 3 reports are using wrong dept. list: ETFs with Invalid Codes, ETFs With Changes, ETFs Rejected by PeopleSoft.

Task View:

  • Task View: Add task view functionality for assignments to cancelled courses.
  • Task View :Link to unapproved postings whose posting date has passed.

ETF Workflow:

  • ETF : Suppress "View ETF in CUPE Hiring" link for external ETFs.
  • ETF : Resubmitting an ETF should not save in ARM until user completes the process in the CUPE Hiring popup window.
  • ETF Creation: Provide correct Union Code for retiree assignments.
  • ETF Creation: Don't block ETF creation before a session-level snapshot is taken, if Faculty has never had snapshots.


  • Postings: Add New Article 11.02 posting language to the footer of all posting PDFs.
  • Postings: Allow users to flag posting as "Revised".
  • Postings: Move "New" flag from Master Posting to PDF.


  • CUPE Workflow Visualization: Show the # of items that did not advance to the next state in the diagram.
  • Message: Warn user if they're using IE 8 or earlier.
  • ARM/PeopleSoft reconciliation: Ignore formatting-related discrepancies in PS version of course_short - compare first 10 chars.
  • CUPE Workflow Visualization: Enable download of diagram as image.
  • CUPE Workflow Visualization: Include filter criteria and date in diagram.
  • Google Analytics: Add Google Analytics to website.
  • CUPE Workflow Visualization: Don't crash if no ETFs present in given search criteria - example is 2013, FA, SU.
  • Grant In Aid Worksheet: Show reconciliation against currently-saved ETFs.
  • Application: Create an application screen for Unit 2 instructors.
  • Instructor Details: End Date field should reflect the termination date for tenured faculty members.
  • Unit 2 Cap: Fix rounding issue to only include instructors who are materially over their cap.
  • ARM Demo: label site as DEMO, not UAT, to avoid confusion.

January 09, 2013

ARM system upgrade (Version 5915)

  • Postings: Record when a posting assignment is "Added To Posting".
  • Postings: Clean up posting assignment view -- display workflow of each candidate separately.
  • Postings: Prevent new types of assignments to be added to published postings.
  • Postings: You can only unapprove a posting if the posting date has not yet been reached.

Universal Search:

  • Instructor Search: Instructors not used in system should not show up in instructor search.

ETF Workflow:

  • ETF Creation: Block ETF creation before a session-level snapshot is taken.


  • Snapshot:Change the way that Summer snapshots are handled so that F/W assignments do not require approval.
  • CUPE Workflow Visualization:Diagram of High-Level CUPE Workflow status.
  • View Offer Letter page :Submit ETF link should be suppressed if any assignments have been sent to CUPE Hiring.

December 12, 2012

ARM system upgrade

  • Report: Show ETFs in Staging Area (Not Acknowledged by CUPE Hiring).
  • Report: New report Fiscal Year Grant-in-Aid Summary.

Task View:

  • Task View: Create task view for Dean's Office for post-snapshot budget approval/rejections.
  • Task View: Show ETFs for cancelled courses or deleted assignments on the task view.
  • Task View:Show candidates needing NRA.

ETF Workflow:

  • CUPE Workflow: Normal/Emergency status of Postings and NRAs should be independent.
  • ETF Creation: Prevent ETF creation for SINs with leading zero.
  • ETF Creation: Block ETF creation and/or resubmission if a post-snapshot change is pending Dean's Office approval.
  • ETFs With Changes Since Submitting to CUPE Hiring Report: Ignore assignments that have been reverted back to original state.
  • ETF Creation: Stage submitted ETFs not yet acknowledged by CUPE Hiring.
    • When you create or resubmit an ETF, ARM now stores those values in a staging table, and waits until acknowledgement from CUPE Hiring before moving the ETF into ARM's main ETF table.
    • Therefore, the ETF Status of "Incomplete in CUPE Hiring" will no longer happen, but I had to leave it in the search filters because of existing data. In the future, this status can be removed from the search filters.
  • ETF Details: View Submitted Values (in historic batch) shows error.
  • ETF Details: Label Position Type as not sent to CUPE Hiring.
  • ETF Details : Show ARM primary key of ETF record so users can view audit records.


  • Search: Add ETF Status filter to Candidates search.
  • Search: Add to CUPE-1 Candidates search.
  • Bulk Posting Creation: Improve look-back logic for reusing posting content.
    • Go back 3 years before current year for posting search.
    • Let user enable/disable reuse of posting content.
    • Only let them reuse posting content thats marked as allowed to be reused.
  • NRA: Allow Dean's Office to exclude specific NRAs from NRA website feed.
  • Assignment Guidelines: Create UI for deleting guideline text.
  • Admin: Show cost centre number along with name when adding a default cost centre.
  • ARM/PeopleSoft Reconciliation: Re-label ARM values column of detail page to ETF Values.

October 31, 2012

ARM system upgrade

  • Assignments to Cancelled Courses Report: Assignments to Cancelled Courses Report: Add seq_assignment as column.
  • ETFs on Cancelled Courses / Deleted Assignments: Add filter for date deleted.
  • Created: Unit 1 TA Applications
  • TA Application Report :Add filter for Priority Pool.
  • TA Application Report :Add filter for Masters vs PhD students.
  • TA Application Report :Show specific application detail info.

Universal Search:

  • Posting Search: Split out emergency/non-emergency and approved/unapproved into two separate dropdowns.

Task View:

  • Task View Creation:Add Term Filter.
  • Task View Creation:Split out "Manage Postings" and "Manage Candidates" Description.

ETF Workflow:

  • ETF Details: Show N/A in the ETF Values column for fields displayed on the page but not included in the ETF.
  • ETF Details: Increase size of name fields so that long names don't fail.
  • ETF Details: Enable Viewing of ETF in CUPE Hiring even for assignments with no etf_workflow record in ARM.
  • ETF Workflow:Make ARM work against latest CUPE Hiring version.


  • Nightly Job History: Only flag jobs as failed if start time was more than 10 minutes ago.
  • Admin: Create UI for ARM to manage Fac/Unit-to-PeopleSoft DeptID mappings.
  • Record:Unit 1 Applications, both Blanket and Specific.
  • CUPE-1 Applications: Show application info on CUPE-1 student detail page.
  • PeopleSoft department id mapping: Map International Studies (ILST) to 17950.
  • ETFs on Cancelled Courses / Deleted Assignments: Dept dropdown has wrong values - resource depts but should be SIS depts.
    (* Reenable PeopleSoft syncing and reconciliation reports.)

October 16, 2012

ARM system upgrade
ETF Workflow:

  • ETF Creation: If CUPE Hiring is down, or any network problem, then show better error message and leave user on page they were on.
  • ETF Details: Increase size of name fields so that long names don't fail.
  • ETF Details: Enable Viewing of ETF in CUPE Hiring even for assignments with no etf_workflow record in ARM.
  • ETF Workflow:Make ARM work against latest CUPE Hiring version.


  • Database import process: It does not allow selecting instructor name.
  • Error Handling: Displays logic on add and edit pages.
  • Ad Hoc Query: If results are too large, show a smaller number with a warning message instead of showing nothing .

August 23, 2012

ARM system upgrade

  • Budget: Integrate downloadable CSC summary report into budget.
  • Created: Report Post-Mortem Grant-in-Aid Adjustment Report (Report to help FGS identity cases where GIA is being overpaid our underpaid, once all of the assignments have been finalized for an instructor.)
  • Created: Report Unit 2 Assignment Cap Report.

Universal Search:

  • Meet Assignment Search: Remove Assign link for Retirees.
  • Offer Letter: Add "Date Received" on offer recording page.
  • Assignments: Allow names to be entered immediately for CUPE-E.
  • Assignments: Specify Default Contract Start/End dates on the Add Meet Assignment page for Schulich.
  • Assignments: Assignment Cap round the load figures to 3 decimal places.
  • CUPE Workflow: Flag instructors wh are/at over their Unit 2 assignment cap.
  • Instructor Details: Add assigns/hours column to CUPE-2 Posting Assignments table.
  • Instructor Details: Suppress Teaching Load Summary table if they're not defined as full-time in selected year.

ETF Workflow:

  • ETF: Prevent contracts that run longer than one year.
  • ETF Creation: Allow completed on date for external ETF to be manually specified.
  • ETF Creation: Allow users to edit the Completed On date and Comments for External ETF.
  • ETF: Handled submitted but not completed ETFs, and resubmissions, better -- add explicit search option.
  • ETF: Warn user before they resubmit ETF.
  • ETF: In search and reports, for external ETFs, show if completed in status column
  • ETF: On ETF creation page, disable dropdowns if user selects External ETF, No ETF or Skip Right Now.
  • ETF: On Assignment details page, in ETF Status, show if ETF was deleted.
  • ETF: Lock down assignment editing even if ETF has been deleted.

Class Size Compensation (CSC)

  • Budget: Add CSC costs to budget calculations.
  • CSC Search: Split out CSC Status dropdown to differentiate between batch uploaded and manually entered CSCs

May 7, 2012

ARM system upgrade
User Roles: GPA/GPD roles are now scoped at the department level and now longer at the faculty level.
ETF Workflow:

  • ETF Creation: Change ETF Status from "ETF Submitted" to "Not Sent to PeopleSoft".
  • ETF Creation: Store of the MID of the user that created an ETF in the etf_workflow table.
  • ETF Details: Shows when ETF was Created On / By at the top of the View ETFs page and the View ETF details.
  • Fill in all previously created ETFs by combing through the audit tables and grabbing the information.

January 23, 2012

ARM system upgrade

  • Created: Lecture Excludee positions.
  • Created: Report to display calculated instructor load.
  • Created: Report that creates diagnostic report for instructors whose home/joint/cross percentages that do not total 100%
  • Volume and Distribution Report: No error when filtering on Contract type

Universal Search:
Universal search will provide basic and extended CSV download options. Course releases and sabbaticals added to universal search. Also, replaces CUPE Workflow. In order to Create Posting, Add to Existing and do a Non-Posted user can search under Assignments, Meet Assignments or Non-Meet Assignments.

  • Instructor search: shows 100% allocation for appointments in extended search results.
  • Search on instructor: can view previous years.
  • Universal Search: Simplify instructor search page.
  • Master Posting Search: Add field for Master Posting on Assignement Search

Tutor Reallocation: Display contract start/end dates on reallocation screen.
Task View:
Users are able to do several tasks at once. Users now can do Forecast Positions, Manage Postings, Non-Posted Positions, NRAs, FGS Approvals (if required), Offer Letters, Other Instructor Costs, View Sabbaticals, and View Course Releases.

  • Assign full time visitor: It does not allow selecting instructor name.
  • Lecture Excludees: Displays logic on add and edit pages.
  • Support Lecture Excludee positions (Note: They are not yet included in the budget calculations.)
  • Offer letters: Deleting an offer should archive it, rather than physically deleting the row.
  • Offer letters: Spacing/alignment issues on instructor response page
  • CUPE-1 Assignment: Handle specific_term when FGS student is ineligible in F but eligible in W
  • Contract Types: Redefine behaviour of "Full Time (Visitor)".
  • Budget Account Code View: Add note describing salary calculation.
  • New Resources: Require both firstname and lastname fields.
  • Add Contract Start and Contract End date fields to assignments.
  • Make retiree assignment work like visitor.
  • Budget: On account code page, display department-level breakdown.

August 23, 2011

ARM system upgrade

  • Reports page: Organize reports page by subject area.
  • Created: YUFA Teaching Load Report.
  • Created: Report listing of all meet assignments for any instructors with an LSTA.
  • Created: Report of SISIDs in the part time faculty file associated with more than one payno.
  • Created: Report for Graduate students missing candidacy level.
  • Created: Report for Unit 2 Appointments, as in Infomart.
  • Created: Report for Preliminary List of Courses, as in Infomart.
  • Created: Report for Sabbatical Diagnostics.
  • Created: Report for Letter of Intent 2 positions.
  • Volume and Distribution report: Add faculty-level summary for each position.
  • Sabbatical Diagnostic Report: Consolidate start/end date differences into single row, Add link to instructor details, Reorder start/end date fields.

CUPE Workflow:

  • Posting Creation: Label changed to say "Emergency / Late".
  • Offer and posting search results: Courses will now sort by name.
  • View draft NRA: You can now select the deadline before viewing the draft NRA.
  • Offer Letters: Positions will now sort by course number in ascending order.
  • Positions with 0 hours don't get the hours based on enrolment checkbox.
  • Split out Assignment: Functionality to split large placeholder assignments when candidates are identified. (Feature added for Faculty of Science and Fine Arts). Splitting functionality also added to non-meet assignments, and to CUPE-1&2. Only for hourly positions.
  • Non-Meet Assignments: Start Date and End Date fields now added.

Universal Search:

  • Implement universal search (hidden until further announcement/training- more information to be provided at a later date)
  • Universal search will provide basic and extended CSV download options.
  • Course releases and sabbaticals added to universal search.


  • FGS Students: Ignore records missing gradcandidacylevel when making CUPE-1 decisions (this will help with being able to find CUPE-1 candidates that currently do not show up when trying to assign an offer).
  • Task View created (hidden until further announcement/training)
  • Course Releases: Add "Other" as valid ICR source.
  • Other Instructor Costs: Provide link to add new instructor.
  • Instructor Detail: Add year-specific and general (i.e. year-agnostic) comments.
  • CUPE Jobs Website: Create JSON feed for NRAs.
  • Position Types: Add Writing Instructor to Full-Time (New) and Full-Time (Overload) position lists.

July 4, 2011

ARM system upgrade
A new release has been applied to ARM today. Here are some of the major changes:

  • Offer Letters: can now handle positions where hours are based on enrollment.
  • CUPE Workflow: A posting assignment will now be locked down when an offer is created.
  • Postings and Offers: Posting and offer creation is now based on session rather than start term.
    • Postings and Offer Letters will now show Term instead of Session if all assignments are fall-only or winter-only.
  • Position Types: Writing Instructor has now been added as a Full-time position type

Reports Screen:

  • Created: Report of cancelled candidates in CUPE Workflow.
    • Additionally, added Assignment Status column to CUPE-1 Assignment Report.
  • Created: Report of post-snapshot changes impacted by a responsible faculty/unit change in SIS.
  • Assignment to Cancelled Courses Report: Faculty/Department filter has been added.
  • Created: Report of the current status of all Unit-1 Assignments.
  • Created: Report of full-time grad students that are assigned CUPE-2 or CUPE-E positions.
  • Created: Report of CUPE-2 Volume and Distribution.

June 20, 2011

ARMS Outage: Wednesday June 22 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
There will be an ARMS outage on Wednesday June 22 and ARMS will be unavailable from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM. Please do not login to ARMS during this time, and ensure your work has been saved beforehand. We are providing you with advanced notice in order to help you plan for the outage.
We will send a follow-up email when the system is back online. Please email if you have any further questions.

March 7, 2011

ARM system upgrade
A new release has been applied to ARM today. Here are some of the major changes:

  • When adding a new resource while assigning a CUPE candidate, the ARMS user will be prevented from pressing the Submit button more than once. When recording an offer letter, if only a SISID had been entered and ARMS is requesting a Payno, and if a duplicate Payno is entered, an error will be shown.
  • Functionality has been created to convert assignments from temporary Paynos to Official Employee Numbers. The new page is in the admin section, called Convert New Resources - Faculty Privileged users have access to this page only.
  • Offer Letters: Show Fall-only or Winter-only assignment designation.
  • NRA screen: Show Fall-only or Winter-only assignment designation.
  • Postings screen: Show Fall-only or Winter-only assignment designation.
  • Users can now specify that assignments to full-year courses are Fall-only or Winter-only.
  • Ability to create draft NRAs has been added.
  • Offer letters: Positions starting in Fall and Winter can now be presented in the same offer letter.
  • CUPE-1 Auto-approval: Assignments with zero assigns/hours should always be auto-approved.
  • Offer Letter: The option to suppress meeting time should also suppress meet name.
  • Postings: The posting date for late postings will default to the current date.
  • CUPE-2 Postings: Late Publication Reason for CUPE-2 Postings, NRAs and Offers has been added.
  • User List on Admin screen: Created a filter for the user list and ability to download as a CSV.