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Humans vs. Machines: We Win…

I just finished reading an interesting book called Humans Are Underrated by Geoff Colvin. It was recommended to me by a friend and colleague who tends to buck the pro-technology trend in education and is highly skeptical of the benefits of AI. Implicitly, the book touches on the common human need to feel special. Freud […]

The Technologist’s View of the University

Let’s start with the following foundational belief, which serves as a postulate. I believe the University’s higher purpose is to edify individuals and societies. It does so by excelling in knowledge creation and dissemination, and by providing a rich experience to its students and faculty. In today’s world of massified universities, this can only be […]

Leadership Is a Leaking Tub

I like a good metaphor. Well chosen, it can make you see things that would otherwise remain fuzzy. It can shed light on a phenomenon in ways that make rational arguments seem clumsy or indigestible. It can help boil down a complex notion to a few striking components while not overtaxing the analytical mind. As […]