Central Software License Management – E SRI ArcGIS Desktop, December 17, 2020

UIT Bulletin


The central software license manager has been updated to service ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Advanced, concurrent licenses, versions 10.1 – 10.8.1 and to expire November 18, 2021. 


The following extensions are enabled: 

  • ArcGIS 3D Analyst for Desktop 
  • ArcGIS Aviation Airports for Desktop 
  • ArcGIS Data Interoperability for Desktop 
  • ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop 
  • ArcGIS for Aviation: Charting 
  • ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry 
  • ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting 
  • ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst Desktop 
  • ArcGIS LocateXT for Desktop Concurrent 
  • ArcGIS Network Analyst for Desktop 
  • ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing for Desktop 
  • ArcGIS Pro Advanced 
  • ArcGIS Production Mapping 
  • ArcGIS Publisher for Desktop 
  • ArcGIS Roads and Highways 
  • ArcGIS Schematics for Desktop 
  • ArcGIS Spatial Analyst for Desktop 
  • ArcGIS Tracking Analyst for Desktop 
  • Esri Defense Mapping 
  • Workflow Manager 

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support. 

Please direct any questions or concerns to UIT Client Services.
Email:  askit@yorku.ca
Self Serve Portal:  http://askit.yorku.ca

Thank you,
University Information Technology