UIT Service Advisory - Update to Shibboleth infrastructure, September 2, 2020

UIT Service Advisory


IDIS has been working to improve the Shibboleth service by making it more resilient.  At this point we have tested all we can but would like to ask all service owners to help us by doing additional testing of the new infrastructure.  In order to test please follow the instructions below for your OS and then login to your respective applications: 


A) On Windows: 


  1) Open Notepad as an administrator by clicking the Windows start icon in the bottom left corner in Windows 10, looking for Notepad in the application list and right-clicking to select "Run as administrator". 

  2) Once in Notepad open the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts 

  3) Append _either_ of these line to the file and save:    shib.yorku.ca    shib.yorku.ca 


  4) Go to your SP service and try to login as usual 



B) On Linux: 


  1) Edit /etc/hosts and append _either_ of these lines:    shib.yorku.ca    shib.yorku.ca 


  2) Go to your SP service and try to login as usual 


If you are the service owner but are unable to test then please test Thursday morning after 8AM when the changes to the infrastructure go live. Note that if you are testing tomorrow morning there is no need to follow the instructions above, simply login to your application. 


We apologize for the short notice and thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Please direct any questions or concerns to UIT Client Services.


Email:  askit@yorku.ca
Self Serve Portal:  http://askit.yorku.ca

Thank you,
University Information Technology